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Core Moto Brake lines are aftermarket performance parts. Core Moto brake line kits are made to fit the bike they are listed for, however routing on street bikes is in most cases different than OEM.
No matter what type of routing your bike originally came with, Core Moto kits may be different. For streetbikes 2F is the most common aftermarket routing.

Most common Line routing configurations.

Unless stated in the product name above the main image, all line kits are for NON ABS equipped bikes.

MX Routing: This routing type is for long travel suspension bikes such as, dirtbikes, enduro and supermoto applications and generally routes the same or similar to OEM lines.
MX style lines will have a long hard tube (STIFFENER TUBE) pre installed on the line area of the line where minimal flex is desired. This tube is intended to keep the hose portion of the line straight and free from coming into contact with the tires under suspension compression. It also acts as extra abrasion protection in areas where excessive suspension travel related friction is present.

Correct bolts for installation are supplied with all brake line kits.

STOCK LENGTH= Any time the term "stock length" is used in our descriptions or options, this means that the line kit you will receive will fit a specific motorcycle that is in stock condition and equipped with the factory brake system components. This term DOES NOT mean that the brake line kit we make is exactly the same dimensions as your OEM brake line. When we fit a brake line for a specific model we do not always make the line lengths, routing and end fittings the same as the factory rubber hoses. We measure, construct and catalog our line kits and fitment data in a way that we believe works best for our aftermarket brake lines on each factory model.

Modified bikes: Our line kits are designed to fit bikes as equipped from the factory,, therefore certain modifications done to a motorcycle may affect line fitment. These modifications include, but are not limited to aftermarket, replaced or re positioned handle bars, risers, rear sets, calipers, caliper locators, master cylinders, extended wheel bases or any items that may interface with brake line mounting and routing. Also, bolt sizes and threads are not the same on all motorcycle brake components. Core Moto will send the correct bolts for orders based on OEM hardware the motorcycle requires unless requested by the customer. It is the customers responsibility to take all modifications into consideration before placing an order. If you have any of the above modifications please contact Core Moto before your purchase. Customer spec lines may need to be made. typically there is no added cost unless unusual line lengths, odd or extra hardware is needed.

We construct all orders according to the options you choose when making your purchase. Unless requested we will use our build data we have on file for each model motorcycle when we build your line kit. We only accept returns if a mistake was made by Core Moto in the construction of the brake line. If you are unsure or have questions about fitment, please call before ordering.