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Returns / Cancelations and Exchanges.
Read before placing your order. You must agree to these terms before checkout.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call us. 321-806-3995 M-F Eastern time

Core Moto wheels are high quality, hand built products. Our goal is to deliver product of exceptional quality.
Our terms of purchase are necessary for us to continue to offer the the quality and custom options not available from any other wheel manufacturer.

Returns: Core Moto wheel sets are returnable but have limitations.
Returns are only valid when customer service issues an RMA to the customer.
Returns must be authorized within 15 days of receipt of the product.
In any case that a return is authorized, a 20% fee will deducted from the refunded amount after the product is inspected.
This fee is assessed to cover credit card transaction fees, disassembly, restock process, packaging, consumable goods, inspection, administrative costs and other related return processing costs.
Shipping costs are nonrefundable.

If a return is authorized, an RMA will be issued to the customer with specific instructions that must be followed.
The product must be returned un used in perfect condition, in original packaging as was delivered with no signs of use, mounting or disassembly.
The product will be inspected and if not in exact condition as it was shipped out, the return will be denied.
The customer will be responsible for any return shipping costs.

Wheels ordered with certain custom upgrade options will not be accepted for return.

Cancelations: Cancelations are only accepted within 2 business days of purchase.
If an order is placed online and credit card processing has been completed, a 10% credit card processing and administrative fee will
be deducted from the refunded amount if a cancelation is authorized by Core Moto.

If the Cancelation has been requested after internal production order processing has begun, a 15% restock and processing fee will be deducted from the
refunded amount. This time frame varies from 1 hour to 2 business days depending on work load. Customer service will need to check with production department to determine where the order is in process.
Our goal is to process and dispatch orders as quickly as possible. Therefore, we do not hold order processing during this 2 day period if we are able to proceed.
If the order has already shipped, the cancelation will be treated as a return.

Wheels ordered with custom upgrade color options will not be accepted for cancelation if product has been sent out for custom color.
Wheels ordered with custom upgrade components will not be accepted for cancelation if assembly has begun.

Core Moto posts estimated lead times. Only orders that are still processing more than 2 weeks outside the estimated max lead time range will be accepted for cancelation.
More on lead times below.

Exchanges for standard color wheels will be accepted within 5 days of receipt of product.
If an exchange is authorized, a 10% exchange fee will be assessed and charged to the customer.
The product must be returned in perfect condition, in original packaging exactly as was delivered with no signs of use, mounting or disassembly.
The product will be inspected and if not in the exact condition it was shipped out, the exchange will be denied.
The customer will be responsible for all return shipping costs, or requested upgrade fees.

If an exchange is authorized, it will be subject to availability and lead times of the new product requested.

The information below is to explain our estimated times and our ability and restrictions on giving exact
order updates after the order is placed.
Each color option has an estimated lead time based on the color and wheel body part number used for the motorcycle model.

If the color is listed as 3-5 business days, the wheel bodies are likely in stock.
The 3-5 day lead time is for order build scheduling, assembly, inspection, cleaning and packaging.
Some custom options or certain applications require additional processing time.

If lead time is listed longer than 3-5 business days, it is likely that the wheel set is in color process #5 - #7 as listed below
The time frame may be shorter of longer based on where in process the wheel set is.
Core Moto Apex-6 wheels are manufactured in house in Titusville FL USA. We control the physical manufacturing process and can
give customers details about all in house production processes with good accuracy.

Note: Below we refer to the Anodizer, as this is the method most of our wheels are color coated.
The same information may apply to powdercoated or painted wheels.
Color Coating is not done in house. Core Moto ships batches of wheels to California for Anodizing about every 10
business days. Wheels are shipped in loads to the anodizing facility by truck on 5 business day transit time routes.

The anodizing facility generally takes 10-14 business days to process a full load and prep the shipment for return. Then the
load is shipped back to FL for unpacking, inspection, assembly, cleaning and shipping. In general, this entire process takes
4-6 weeks on average.
These exact lead times are not always firm. Freight shipments can get delayed. Anodizing processing can be delayed.
Equipment can break down or specific dyes can be on back order.

While the anodizer is accommodating, they do not provide us with time estimates per individual load.

There is an average time that we calculate into our current lead time.
The posted lead time is adjusted based on stock status and previous load lead times.
Q: Why aren't all wheels always in stock pre anodized ready to go?
A: As our production capacity increases, The demand for Core Moto wheels seems to increase with it. Our goal is to have
all wheels in stock pre anodized in our standard colors at all times, however that is not always possible.

We make this product in the USA, in house with quality and detail above quantity.
Our milling process for our wheel bodies delivers much more detail in the features of the product than that of any of our
competitors, but this also adds a lot of time to the machining process. To speed up or increase production units significantly,
many of the features and details that make our wheel stand apart from high production products would need to be eliminated.
We prefer to keep our quality standards and detail high.

While we wish we could provide exact updates through the entire process, once the product leaves our facility, we can only
tell the customer what stage it is in until we are informed that anodizing is complete.


IN HOUSE PROCESS (Always in production, generally have raw wheels in stock)

1: Turning process in machine shop
2: Milling in Machine shop
3 Inspection
4: Uncoated wheels prepped and packed for shipping to anodizing
OUTSIDE PROCESS (average 4-6 weeks but not guaranteed)
5: Shipping to the anodizer
6: At the anodizer
7: In route back from the anodizer
IN HOUSE PROCESS (average 1 week for entire load, orders are built by date range)

8: Colored wheels Delivered to Core Moto / Unpacking, pre cleaning and sorting
9: Inspection and assembly.
10: Final cleaning and packing shipping department.
11: Shipped Order complete

Thank you for your understanding.
Core Moto USA / Core Moto Forged wheel