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Updated 7-2-21

In 2018 - 2019 Core Moto USA's new Apex-6 wheels were made 100% in California. in 2020, when COVID-19 started having heavy impacts on our California suppliers that would delay production by several months, Core Moto decided to stop and move most production to our FL headquarters. This move, though would guarantee further delays in the short term, was an opportunity for Core Moto to improve our long-term supply line and quality controls. Spring of 2020 Core Moto began purchasing Machinery and started developing tooling with machine and tool engineers for the project. In September 2020 new machinery and tooling for production of all mid size components was moved in house and stock production has been underway since. November 2020 new large format turning centers delivered, while tooling delays and challenges set back our timeline. As of 2-15-21 Core Moto has begun machining operation on production wheels. Once in full production Core Moto intends to continuously produce to greatly reduce lead times.

With the introduction of the Apex-6, our goal at Core Moto USA was to produce the lightest, strongest and most aesthetically detailed DOT forged aluminum wheel in the world. In addition, the Apex-6 is the only forged superbike wheel produced completely in the USA. We are proud of this fact. Therefore, we have not rushed the process of moving production to our Florida location.

Sales opened February 22nd with no price increase from 2020 levels.

7-2-21 Current lead time for most applications ordered today is 4-5 weeks estimated.
We expect order lead time in 3 weeks to reduce to 1-2 weeks.
then 3-5 days.

Orders will be limited to our standard colors, until further notice.
Other Custom Colors will be available to order once lead time of all standard colors are 3-5 days.

Anodized Gloss Black
Anodized Gloss Gold
Anodized Gloss Red
Anodized Gloss Blue

Initial sales will be for models that require the following base 17"x6" / 17"x3.5" wheels.
RW6LM1 / FW35LM1
RW6LM1 / FW35LM2
These models cover all Aprilia, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, 1000cc and up models we offer.

Additional wheel models and applications will be announced via official media channels and through our dealer network when we make information available.

Thank you,

Core Moto USA