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About Core Moto Wheels.

Core Moto wheels are made in the USA, in house.
Designed for Superbike Road Racing / engineered to meet DOT durability standards.
The Apex-6 is the lightest DOT / JWL / JASO approved aftermarket forged wheel available.
Well suited for Road Racing / Drag Racing / Street riding / Custom bikes

Ultra-light / Super strong / Beautiful

While Apex-6 wheels exceed several benchmark standards of performance and durability, appearance is also important.
Core Moto takes pride in delivering detail above and beyond the competition.

Quality over quantity.
Apex-6 wheels are highly detailed and intricately featured. The 5axis CNC milling process is where it happens.
When you receive an Apex-6 wheel set we want you to know and feel that you received a product that was crafted, not just punched out and pushed to market in mass numbers.
Every detail in the design serves 3 purposes. Reduction of weight, added strength and style.

Engineering took time in development to bring these 3 purposes together. More material isn't always stronger. In some cases, removing material from strategic locations creates shapes
that eliminate fracture points by diverting or dispersing mechanical load stresses. The Apex-6 wheel spent over a year in development before the first physical article was produced for physical torture testing.

Standard Available Anodized wheel Colors:
Gloss Gold
Gloss Black
Gloss Blue
Gloss Red
NEW: Gloss Light Gold

Note: Anodized colors can vary from batch to batch. Wheel sets are paired as front and rear sets in the anodize process... Very slight shade differences from front to rear may be present when sold as a pair, but will remain under a 5% range. In most cases this is undetectable when the wheels are mounted on the vehicle.

Colors / Finishes Available for Custom Order / Added lead time and prices.
Raw Machine finish**
Clear Bright Anodized
Gloss Ti Gray Anodized
Gloss Green Anodized
Gloss Orange Anodized
Satin Black Anodized
Satin Gold Anodized
Satin Red Anodized
Satin Blue Anodized
Satin Gray Anodized

**Raw finish means the wheel bodies have had no surface finishing treatment or protective coating. This option is only for customers who wish to have the wheels Painted, powdercoated or anodized themselves. Raw Machine finished wheels are sold with all components but are not assembled and carry no factory warranty since the wheels can be damaged in the finishing process if not done properly. Buyer assumes all risks.

Custom Limited Colors and finishes.
Core Moto may release limited run custom colors from time to time. Core Moto will list these custom wheel sets on our website when available and will not accept pre orders.

Performance Difference:
Decreasing unsprung weight (weight below the suspension) and rotational mass greatly improves several responsive aspects of usable performance you can actually feel. The Apex-6 Wheel was designed to reduce overall weight, while also centralizing mass to decrease rotational forces. These weight reductions result in improved suspension response, lighter handling, faster acceleration and shorter braking distances. More info about unsprung weight and rotational mass at the bottom of the page.

About the Apex-6 wheel
CAD Designed, one piece, proprietary Forged monolithic hub design. Core Moto makes true forged wheels, purpose built for performance. Rather than using market available generic forged blanks, Core Moto wheel forgings are made specific to each model we offer from proprietary forging dies. Although a custom forging limits the amount of sizes we can offer, it nets a superior product overall due to optimized grain flow properties. Each wheel starts out as an aluminum billet that does not resemble a wheel. This Billet is then heated and formed by a 6000 ton controlled Hydraulic constant pressure forge to create the central hub and spoke profile with optimized grain flow. Next a cold spin process is used to form the strong and light rim section. This creates the basic shape of the wheel profile with a non linier grain that instead flows to match the profile of the wheel. This process is highly controlled to distribute the grain of the metal in a way that optimizes the strength of the wheel on a molecular level, thus requiring less material (weight) needed in the final product. Constant pressure forging creates a more controlled and repeatable product than traditional drop forging.. Core Moto wheels are not drop forged. After forging, the near net forged blanks are heat treated, turned and milled by 3 and 5 Axis CNC machines in the USA with carbide and diamond cutting tools to remove material and give the wheel its final shape.

About our bearings:
Always factory equipped with high quality, smooth rolling bearings from genuine top tier bearing manufacturers..... Currently the availability of counterfeit bearings is a worldwide epidemic. Core Moto only sources genuine brand name bearings from top tier bearing distributors or factory direct to ensure tolerances and material compositions meet specifications. Our bearings are in most cases larger and wider than stock for more stability. We also choose a bearing seal type that is suited for long service life when maintained properly. Ceramic hybrid bearings are available upon request as an upgrade. We only suggest using ceramic bearings on regularly maintained race specific bikes.

Cush drive bushings:
New wheels made by Core Moto come with serviceable 5 pot cylindrical Cush Drive System for High HP Applications. In 2016 Core Moto developed a new Cush drive bushing that has proven durability. Our new bushing is now a single bonded hardened steel and firmer compound rubber unit. If your wheels were made before Core Moto started producing wheels in 2016, improved bushings can be ordered in our genuine replacement parts section or from your favorite Core Moto dealer. As of 2019 we have 3 bushing sizes, depending on wheel model.

Sprocket Carrier:
New 5 bolt anodized CNC aluminum sprocket carrier for Apex-6 models are .25lb lighter than former 6 bolt Carriers. Each comes with, pressed in studs, metal locking sprocket nuts, bearing retaining ring and bearing for all models. Our sprocket studs are fully re designed, stronger and offer superior corrosion resistance. The drive stud head profile has been optimized to offer more engagement of the bushing system for even load distribution per unit. The Bolt pattern for the Apex-6 is NOT A KAWASAKI PATTERN. The Apex-6 uses a common custom 5 bolt sprocket made by most major manufacturers. More information on sprockets below. or Sprockets can be purchased at this link

Spacers and distance tubes:

Anodized CNC aluminum Spacers, Carriers and Distance Tubes are pre installed in the wheel set. Some spacers may be shipped uninstalled for wheel packing reasons, but will come with a diagram for easy placement. Each part is either laser or mechanically engraved with unique part numbers to identify the placement location. Most front wheel spacers are now fully captive using oil seals. Outer rear spacers are captive by bearing ID sleeves.

Rotor Carriers:
Rotor carriers will be pre mounted with stainless steel hardware as to not interfere with modern wheel speed sensor pickups. All rotor carriers are designed to accept OEM or aftermarket equivalent brake rotor discs and rotor bolts. New carriers are designed to optimize weight savings while offering a very rigid mount.

Speed sensor rings for ABS and TC:
Core Moto is now starting to incorporate our own speed sensor rings into the final product, allowing the customer to keep their sensor rings on their OEM wheels in some cases. Core Moto was the first aftermarket wheel manufacturer in the industry to do this. This has not been fully implemented for all applications as we are adding them as we make new changes to the hardware. Some application will require reuse of both OEM rings while some applications may come with only one Core Moto Ring front or rear. Each application is different. Applications where the sensor ring mounts to the outside of the rotor will not come with Core Moto speed sensor rings and will require re using OEM rings.

Valve stems:
Each wheel will come with 90 degree aluminum valve stems installed.

Sprocket requirement:
Due to the bolt circle diameter of the cush drive system, All Apex-6 Wheels require the use of a custom 5 bolt pattern sprocket.
This is a common sprocket bolt pattern used by other aftermarket forged performance wheel companies in our industry and available from most sprocket manufacturers.

You will need a sprocket to fit your current pitch 520-530. Then the proper tooth count. We can help
Bolt hole count: 5
Sprocket stud size: M10x1.25
Bolt Hole Circle diameter: 100mm
Hub Diameter: 76mm
Sprockets can be purchased at this link.

Approved DOT (USA) & JWL (Japan)
One year limited warranty

Parts diagram: Exploded view parts diagrams are included with most wheels orders. These are to be used to ensure you received the correct parts and put them in the right place when installing your wheel kit. This is to be kept for future use in case you need a new part due to loss or damage.
NOTE: The diagram image below is a sample image of the diagram you will receive, not of the application in this listing.

About Unsprung weight:
Properly set up suspension allows the lower portions (swingarm, wheels and forks) to move rapidly with the bumps and dips in the road or track surface while keeping the main structure of the vehicle on a stable un interrupted path. In short reducing unsprung weight allows the suspension to work better by reducing the mass that needs to be controlled on compression and rebound, keeping the tire traction on the ground and the chassis stable.

About Rotational mass:
Reducing rotational mass increases acceleration, decreases braking distances and improves handling. Lighter wheels decrease the amount of power needed to get the tires spinning. This also reduces the amount of braking power needed to slow down the spinning wheel down. Rapid transitions from acceleration to deceleration benefit greatly from lighter wheels. Gyroscopic force is also reduced with lighter wheels, improving handling by reducing the amount of force needed to tilt the spinning wheel axis side to side. The reduction of gyroscopic and rotational inertial forces are compounded by higher speeds.


:What do I get with my wheel order?
A: Most wheel sets will arrive with all components installed, except the rear sprocket carrier and left rear spacer, these can be installed by hand without tools. All you need to do is mount tires, sprocket, OEM Rotors and in some cases OEM speed sensor rings. These are complete kits. An exploded view diagram is provided with most wheel kits, for part location and replacement part ordering in the future.

Q: Do I need special brake rotors for Apex-6 Wheels?
A: No, most Apex-6 Wheels will accept any OEM and most aftermarket rotors that fit your original wheels?
If your model requires a special rotor, it will be clearly noted in the top of the listing.

Q: What sprocket will I need?
A: Apex-6 wheels require a custom pattern sprocket: see detailed answer in product description above.

Q: Are Valve stems installed?
A: All Core Moto wheels come with 90 degree aluminum valve stems in black color.

Q: How do I clean my wheels?
A: We recommend using Lemon Pledge and a microfiber cloth to clean all anodized surfaces. If heavy cleaning is required we recommend a mild car wash soap that is acid free. Do not use de greasers or acidic washes. A further detailed cleaning guide will be supplied with your wheel set.

Q: Will my Apex-6 wheel set fit on other bike brands and models with new components?
A: In most cases yes with replacement component sets, However cross compatibility of each model is limited and a few can not be converted to anything else. If converting to another bike model is possible, it will likely require new spacers, rotor carriers and distance tubes at minimum. In some cases it will require a whole new component set. An entire new Component set will cost at least 30% of a full wheel set.

Q: Are the wheels painted or powdercoated?
A: Core Moto wheel standard colors Gold-Red-Blue-Black are color anodized. This is not a coating, in very simple terms it is a hardened surface treatment that is dyed. Custom Colors are offered in Anodized and Powdercoated finishes on limited basis.

Q: Can I order wheels to match the paint on my bike or a specific shade?
A: Core Moto wheels standard colors are anodized and shades vary from batch to batch..we can not tailor a custom anodized shade. Custom colors offered are sometimes powdercoated or anodized, but are done so to our Core Moto specific shades. Core Moto does not offer Custom color matching. If you need a custom color, you will need to order Raw wheels, then have them powdercoated or painted. This option will void any warranty.

Q: What bearings do I need to replace my worn or damaged bearings?
A: For wheels produced after January 2017 we can tell you what is needed based on your wheel P/N or application.
Each Part will also be listed on your exploded view diagram received when you purchased your wheels. Most Apex-6 wheels will use 3xB6006 in the rear and 2xB6205 in the front.

Q: What is the weight difference between Core Moto and OEM wheels?
A: Generally we do not record OEM wheel weights, however we are working to get accurate numbers. On average Core Moto Apex-6 wheels are 30-40% lighter than OEM wheels. Many models we list on our home site will include front and rear fully assembled Core Moto wheel weights by the end of 2021.

Q: How do I repair a bent or cracked wheel?
A: We can not recommend repairing a damaged wheel.

Q: What size wheels do you offer?
A: Currently (2-15-19) we offer Rear wheels in 5.5"x17" and 6"x17" while all our front wheels are 3.5''X17"

Q: Can you put a 6"x17" inch rear wheel on a bike that came from the factory with 5.5" rear wheels?
A: in some cases yes, but not all. For example 6" conversions is a popular option we offer for the R6, CBR600RR and GSX-R 600/750, while we only offer a 6" conversion for the Panigale 899-959. Please check with customer service.

Q: Are Core Moto wheels DOT approved?
A: In short this answer is yes. DOT does not test wheels, only lays out guidelines and strict perimeters for testing. Core Moto wheels have been tested by an accredited laboratory to meet JASO / DOT / JWL standards.

Q: What tires do I need to use with Core Moto Wheels?
A: You will use the same tire equivalent to what you would choose for your stock wheels. (except for 5.5 to 6" conversion kits)