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Pre and post install cleaning tips.

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To avoid damage to your vehicle's finishes and the outer coatings of your brake lines, you must clean away all external residual brake fluid as soon as you COMPLETE your install. Not doing so will result in damage to the product exterior and your vehicle finishes. Brake fluid will damage paint and other coatings.

We highly recommend cleaning your motorcycle before install as well, especially at the connection points in the brake system. Not doing so could allow loose debris such as sand to fall into your brake system when OEM lines are removed. It's worth the extra effort to avoid causing damage or failure of your brake system.

Full washing of your bike to ensure no brake fluid is left anywhere on the bike exterior is highly recommended after install.

The second-best method is to fill a spray bottle with soapy water. First use the wide spray setting to clean easy to reach surfaces. Next use the concentrated stream setting on the nozzle tip to spray into every crevasse where brake fluid still may be present. Where banjo fittings connect to calipers and master cylinders require extra cleaning to remove all residue. Direct several good squirts into these areas to ensure all external brake fluid is removed.

Regular cleaning and detailing.

For regular detailing and long term exterior maintenance that will keep your lines looking good for many years, we recommend using LEMON PLEDGE spray furniture polish and 2 micro fiber cloths regularly. One cloth for applying and the other for final wipe down. YES we did say LEMON PLEDGE. This is not a Joke. We have been using Lemon pledge as a detailer and cleaner of our products for 18 years. It is available everywhere, is inexpensive and works great as a detailer/ protectant. Works especially well on anodized surfaces. Be sure to avoid getting pledge on surfaces that provide grip such as, Tires, foot pegs and hand grips.

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