7-20-22 Important information if buying used Carrozzeria wheels.
Please read this completely and understand that we have posted this in effort to protect customers from false information and possibly save them from major headaches.

Core Moto can only truly assist with wheel fitment and part questions of CMUSA wheels. CMUSA started producing wheels in 2016. Before that time wheels will have CZUSA engraved on them.

If buying used wheels, be 100% certain that the wheels are for your exact year and model motorcycle and include all parts in good working order if the wheels were made before 2017.
If the seller can not prove fitment to your exact model and that the wheels are in working order, it is best to not buy them as we most likely will not be able to assist you with support
components for pre 2017 wheels.

Used wheel sellers may claim that all Carrozzeria wheels can be converted to other models or that parts are available for them, but this is not true.
This ONLY applies to wheels made after 2017, and not all. The information below will help you identify the wheel sets we can assist with.

VERY IMPORTANT: Contrary to misinformation and common belief, wheel sets made before 2017 CAN NOT be converted to fit other models. This was never the case. If you are told this by a seller, it is not true.

If made in 2016, we can assist but my need more info from the customer to determine exactly what version they have.

In 2017 Core Moto developed and released wheel models that can be converted between most models, with some limitations. More below about this.

Carrozzeria USA INC and Core Moto USA are 2 completely different companies. Carrozzeria USA INC closed operations and dissolved the corporation in 2015. Core Moto USA took over all brand rights and as of October 2015, any current historical data provided by CZUSA. Unfortunately, the historical data received in the brand purchase was incomplete, and highly unorganized. Only the newest wheel model versions were provided to Core Moto USA in complete form. Actual usable data for most versions of wheels produced earlier was never delivered to Core Moto USA. Unfortunately Core Moto USA was mislead during the purchase process. Due to the overwhelming amount of technical data received it was only after several months of attempting customer service that we realized that the data received was mostly useless.

While many older wheels may "look the same" as CMUSA V-Track wheels, the important dimensional relationships of bearing and rotor interfaces varied significantly over countless versions of the V-Track wheel made by CZUSA. This is especially true with front wheels. In most cases we have no data related to older front wheels. In most cases we can provide replacement parts for rear wheels, however it is the responsibility of the customer to verify a few measurements on the rear wheel upon our request before we can offer help.

While we do try our very best to assist everyone who comes to us with questions about fitment and parts for older wheels, our ability to help is limited. In some cases we will not be able to assist with wheels produced before 2016.

Front V-Track wheels marked with [ CMUSA ] and [ CMF13517 ] can be converted to other models in most cases. However, cross fitment is limited and excludes some models. All rear wheels marked with [ CMUSA ] can be converted to all other models that we offer that use the same size wheel.

All V-Track Wheels produced by Core Moto USA after 2016 have stored historical data and replacement parts available in stock. In some cases the original part number for a component has been changed to an updated version, but the replacement part is available. Generally replacement parts can be shipped same or next business day.

All wheels purchased after 2016 came with exploded view diagrams and detail every part. Customers need to reference these for replacement parts. We may require proof from the customer that they have the correct version of wheel before we provide diagrams. This is to protect the customer from ordering parts that will not fit and are non returnable. We will not provide diagrams for wheels without this proof.

Thank you.

Core Moto USA