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NEW POLICY 6-5-19.
Expedited Build fee and Expedited shipping

All Core Moto Brake lines are hand built to customer custom option choices. Each kit can be configured in so many different color options,
that we do not stock any pre made kits. Each kit requires different labor time to build depending on details and complexity.
Generally lead times are 1-2 business days, however this is not guaranteed and can extend into a few to several days depending on order load.
Because our kits are hand made, lead times constantly change based on the amount of orders in our system.
Recently we have had an unusual amount of customers that insist their order ships out the same day the order is placed.
Since we can not expedite every order we have created an expedite fee and there is daily limit to minimize the impact to other orders.
Once the daily expedite order limit is reached, expedited builds will not be accepted.
If a customer wants a brake line order put in front of other previous orders to be the next kit built, an Expedite fee will apply to the order.

Here is the pricing breakdown for expediting builds.

Single lines: $15
2-3 line kits: $25
3T kits: $25
3T-E kits: $30
4+ line kits, ABS kits, Works360 Kits or other complicated kits that require longer build time and more labor: $50

If you choose to expedite your order, you must choose the proper expedite fee that corresponds to the kit type you ordered.
We will not expedite your order if you do not choose the correct expedite fee.

If the Kit requires Custom machining of parts, we can only guarantee that it will ship out the in 2 business days if placed before 2:00pm.
A Charge of $50-$70 per kit will be charged depending on the complexity of the kit and labor required.

Fees apply to each kit, can not add multiple kits to order and expedite.

If we are expediting a custom kit built to customer measurements and bend angles, the customer must provide complete info needed to our standards to build the kit
before we will allow an expedite build or even accept the order. The expedite fee will follow the line count above under most circumstances.

If an item is not in stock, it will not be eligible to expedite.

Cut off time for same day build and ship is 2:00pm eastern and may be denied or refunded if other expedited orders have been placed for the same day.

Expedite fee only covers the build time, not the shipping method.
Expedite fee must be paid at the time of the order.
If your order is not placed and expedite fee applied before the cut off time, your order will be built the next business day.

No exceptions.

Our business hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. We are not open on weekends or holidays.

Expedited Shipping method is separate charge from the build fee.
Core Moto does not offer UPS Next Day air on our website.
Our posted shipping methods do not account for build time.
UPS 3 Day select and USPS 2 day priority are methods we will ship, but do not guarantee a faster build time.

If you want Next Day Air shipping, you will need to contact us for quotation.

Thank you,
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