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Need custom built brake lines for your application? See products below.

Core Moto can build brake lines to your measurements and specs. In most cases there is no extra charge or lead time for this.
This extra service is currently offered as a courtesy.

Reasons for needing a custom built line.

Your bike has aftermarket components that change or interfere with factory length or routed brake and clutch lines.

Installed aftermarket rear sets, handle bars, clip ons, bar risers, calipers, swingarms and other bolt on items are the most common reasons
to need custom measured brake lines. In many cases these new items can make oem spec lines fit sloppy, unsafe or just not fit at all.

Race bikes usually require special set ups to work well with new components.

Full custom built bikes usually require custom built lines.

Whatever your need may be Core Moto has you covered.
Download the custom build sheets at the link above, or order directly online by choosing your options in our custom line product listings.
Fill in all the blanks and email or fax back to Core Moto
then call to confirm we have received your build sheets.

Once we review and confirm that all is filled out correctly and no extra charge is needed we will contact you to place your order.
Fax: 321-633-3177
Phone support: 321-806-3995

Pricing and extra Charges.

In most cases there are no extra charges.
When banjo bend angles are changed from original data, there is no extra charge.
When lengths are changed less than 6" on front and less than 12" on a rear line for a listed model, no extra charge will be applied.
If a full custom line is under 39" and does not need unusual hardware there will be no extra charge.

Normal hardware:
banjo style end fittings in any available bend as shown on build sheet.
M10x1.25 bolts and m10x1.0 bolts

1 full front line will be charged the current single front line price.
2 full front lines will be charged the current dual front line price.
2 full front lines and 1 rear line will be charged the current combo price

Rear lines will be charged the current single rear line price.

Extra charges apply when:
Extra long lines that extended over 6" on front or 12" on rear LONGER than data for a model we have listed.
Full Custom built lines that are over 39" in length.
Additional charges will be $5 per foot of line over the normal custom lengths outlined above. This charge is per line.

Special or unusual hardware
If the need for special hardware or fittings is required, you will be quoted after details are given on the special fittings. (if available)

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